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30 Questions to ask your Event Caterers

If you’re sourcing a solution for a marquee event caterer for the first time for your event; whether it be for a wedding reception, a corporate business event or a fine dining experience its essential that you are fully prepared with questions to ask your caterer.

Pearl Marquees have compiled a simple list of 30 initial questions to ask your event caterer, so when it comes to the actual big day you have planned and prepared to receive an impeccable catering service inside your marquee.

  1. How long have you been in the event catering business?
  2. Have you got at least 3 references and telephone numbers of previous clients, so that we can contact them?
  3. What kind of cusine food do you specialise in for events? (Niche type cuisine, offer theme styles such as Mexican nights, hog roasts, or gourmet cuisine for dinner parties).
  4. What are your qualifications, Health and safety hygiene certificate and Awards? (Any event caterers dealing with food are heavily regulated on the hygiene and should abide by the Food Hygiene Regulations 2006 which applies to England only).
  5. What is the maximum amount of guests you have catered for before?
  6. Have you examples or presentation photos of your work?
  7. Which marquee venues have you worked at before?
  8. How many events are you catering for on the weekend of your event/on the day of your event?
  9. Do you have a set menus for event catering?
  10. Are the menus flexible?
  11. What vegetarian or dietary options do you provide?
  12. Can I taste samples of the menus?
  13. Is there an additional price charged for clearing away?
  14. How many waiting servers do you provide per guest?
  15. Are there any charges incurred for overtime?
  16. What is the itemised costs and what is exactly included?
  17. What is the cost (download our wedding budget planner)?
  18. Is V.A.T included in the quoted price?
  19. How will you store all of the food for my event?
  20. Do you need a area to set up, prepare or store the food?
  21. Do you need any special fridges?
  22. Do you need specialist cooking facilities, if so what?
  23. If you are supplying the additional facilities, when do you clear them away?
  24. How much time do you need in the catering marquee before the meal is served to the guests?
  25. What do you do with the leftovers?
  26. What guarantees can you make of your service on the event day?
  27. Can we attend a sample tasting event?
  28. Do you have a contract for the event catering service?
  29. What is the amount required for the deposit payment?
  30. What are your payment terms and conditions for the event catering? (many wedding suppliers take a small deposit to confirm the booking)

Choosing the right caterer is one of the most important decisions to make when planning your event. If the food is substandard, it can really have a impact on what is supposed to be glorious occasion.

Sometimes going with the cheapest quote price is not always cost effective option. It is very important that when you do choose your event caterer that you choose them wisely.

Furthermore if you need help and guidance on your catering marquee size, contact us and we’ll be able to advice you.