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Marquee Size Guide

The marquee size guide will help you choose the right structure required for your event.

Estimate what space you require for your event using our marquee size guide table.

For help deciding on your ideal size Contact Us for Your Quote.

Also take a look at our FREE marquee planner tool to visualise the layout of your furniture in the structure.

3 Things to consider when choosing your structure size.

It is important to note the factors that influence the size of your structure. Ask yourself the questions below to choose the ideal size for your event.

  1. How many guests do you wish to accommodate?
  2. What style will your event seating be?
    • All guests seated at tables at any one time.
    • Your guests will be partly seated and partly standing.
    • Your entire guest will be standing throughout the event .
  3. Do you require the following dedicated areas?
    • Service and catering tent.
    • Entertainment space dedicated for the DJ, Stage and Dance floor.
    • Entrance reception area.
    • Bar and Bar seating space.

Other Size Considerations

When working out the size of a marquee there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration. Other than the above discussed the next main one being what table size you need and are looking to hire.

Larger tables take up more area than smaller tables, for example if you were to hire a smaller 5ft round diameter tables you can seat anything from 6 to 8 guests around the table. With a 6ft table you can position 10-12 guests around the table. But which is most suited to you?

This all depends on what you are placing on each table, if there is a lot of items on to the tables i.e. table centrepieces, crockery, cutlery, glassware, glassed beverages etc. then it is ideal to hire a larger table. Ultimately if larger tables are required, then this will have an impact on your structures size as you may need to opt for a larger sized structure.

Need More Help?

To get our team to calculate the ideal size for your event Contact Us for Your Quote.

Tips: Combine structures to give you a larger structure or different shapes, especially if you are restricted for space.