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Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions you have in mind which are not listed below please do not hesitate to contact us.

What size will I need?

This depends on the following:

  • The number of guests attending your event and whether it will be a buffet or seated event. To help find the correct size for your event take a look at ourRuler showing mm to represent measuring marquee

    marquee size guide and
    marquee planner to get your layout.

  • When measuring the size of your grounds, always allow at least one metre on each side for construction.

Do you supply furniture for the structure?

Yes, we can supply a range of additional items for your event ranging from:Red Chair

We also offer help and advice on additional services:

  • Setting up your event furniture to your planned layout.
  • Dressing your event furniture.
  • Full event management service.

How long is the hire period, when will you set up and take down the structure?

To help make your event stress free as possible we will arrange to:

  • Clock Time 3pmSet up a day or more prior to your event.
  • Take down the structure normally the day after your event.

Tip: Allow for sufficient time to set-up your decor prior to the event.

Will the location be suitable for the structure?

LocationRemember to inform us of:

  • Electrical cabling on site or close to where the structure will be erected.
  • Underground water mains on or close to the structure location.

If you are unsure about your venue we offer a FREE site survey with every Marquee Quote.

What arrangements should be made to cover any potential weather problems?

  • Multicoloured Umbrella Cooling systems are available and preferred to fans in extreme heat.
  • Winter Heating systems are essential in snowy conditions for roof safety.
  • Walls and windows can easily be opened ( must be pre-arranged for safety.)

Contact us for more help and advice on the types of heating and cooling systems you require.

How safe is your structure ?

British FlagWe supply only Clear Span Marquee structures:

  • Manufactured in Britain.
  • Meet all British Safety Standards.
  • Walls, windows and roofs are all fire retardant to European Standards.

What condition are your Marquees in?

All our structures and equipment are in excellent condition and walls, windows, roofs and lining are:

  • Soap BrownCleaned after they are taken down at each job.
  • Checked before assembly for marks.
  • Transported only in covered vehicles to protect our stock.

Contact our team to arrange a viewing of our installations (at customer’s discretion.) Also view our marquee photo gallery for past events.

Can you put the structure on an uneven ground?

  • Uneven Ground IconCarpet is best for sloping grass, what might feel fine as a covered lawn may be quite disconcerting on a sloped hard floor.
  • Hard flooring systems can be levelled on sites with gentle slopes. However for larger inclines it is not always possible. Level ground is always an advantage and the more formal the event, the more important you have a flat surface.

Do Pearl have insurance cover?

  • Yes we do! £2 million pounds worth of Public Liability Insurance.
  • We also offer our customers a damage waiver which indemnifies the hirer for accidental damage.

Will your flooring damage our garden?

    Garden Flower

  • Temporarily yes. Grass that has been covered for several days will not look its best. But will recover in due course.
  • Holes of an inch diameter will be visible in grass where the structure was pinned to the ground but these will close over time.
  • We are always mindful that we do not damage plants and flowerbeds.

Help us by cutting your grass 1 day prior to your event, long to medium length grass can make your ground feel uneven and the carpet will not sit flat.

WalletWhy are some estimates so cheap ?

Because there are many different types of structures which vary in:

Also you may just be quoted for:

  • Daily rate of hire.
  • Low quality or old fashioned marquee equipment (ask to see photo’s).
  • Hire of the structure only (installation price not included or other hidden charges).
  • Re-used carpets (we only supply new carpets for each event).

Tips: Look carefully at each suppliers quote to see what might be missing on a ‘cheap’ quote such as service or a hire item being replaced by old fashioned product. Most importantly see if your hired structure is modern or old and dated.

For further help and advice contact us for your Free no obligation Marquee Quote.