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Marquee Lighting Hire

Marquee Lighting

Stylish marquee lighting hire that will set the atmosphere of your event.



Marquee Chandelier SilverThe most popular and elegant marquee lighting hire choice to complement any venue size and style which provides a welcoming ambiance to your marquee lining hire.

Floor Uplighters

Floor UplightersUplighters are ideal to transform the atmosphere in your venue.
They can be placed in front or behind your wall lining.
Create a soft ambiance to match your theme in a range of coloured effects.
Uplighters can also be used in other venues such as a hotels, halls, barns, etc.
Available colours: Yellow, Rose, Green, Blue, Red, Lavender.

Rope Lighting Effects

Rope LightsDecorative lighting that will give any lining that extra sparkle.
Complement any of the above lights, giving a overall sophisticated look.

Waterproof Double Strip Lights

Double Strip LightYour commercial strip light is a popular option in catering tents.
It can also be used as an alternative to chandeliers for less formal events.
This light is very strong and should not be compared with other cheap waterproof strip lights that are unsuitable for hiring.

Waterproof Light Switch

Waterproof Switch LightThis safety light switch perfectly supplements all the other lighting equipment.
It is commonly used in conjunction with the above strip light.
The switch cover is waterproof ensuring greater safety for you and your caterers.

Dimmer Switches

Dimmer SwitchIdeal to change the atmosphere of your event by using light softening controls to adjust the levels of light in your structure.

Additional Electrical Items

Extension LeadsWe also stock additional plugs, sockets and cabling extensions if required by your caterers or DJ’s.

Get your quote for more information on our marquee prices and to check availability. All quotes include professional fitting.

Tips: Don’t forget about powering your marquee lighting hire. Your venue mains power supply may be enough, however if you are having other electrical equipment such as DJ lights, catering ovens etc you may need an extra source of power supply or generator.

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